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Russification instruction:

Windows 9X : "Cyrillic Support for win9x".
Windows NT4.0 / Windows 2000: "Cyrillic Support for win 2000 / NT4.0".


Generally, World Wide Web uses 2 methods to show you a text on your screen:

Hypertext pages - main Web pages, such as some Home Page.
For example, a page of Yahoo! search -

Plain Text pages, such as a screen showing a directory of files, for example, one at the Microsoft FTP site - or a screen showing a content of a plain text file in this directory, for example, file dirmap.txt:

Each type of a page requires its own type of font to be used in your browser:

Proportional width fonts - for Hypertext pages (Netscape 4 uses different name - Variable width fonts)

Fixed width fonts - for Plain Text pages.
So, you need at least 2 Cyrillic True Type fonts in your Windows: Proportional and Fixed fonts for Windows 1251 encoding ( 1251 encoding - Microsoft name for cyrillic encoding in windows )

Standard Microsoft Cyrillic fonts are available on all modern versions of Windows, even when it's a non-Russian Windows (for non-Russian Windows 3.1/3.11 it's not the case and a user must download those free non-Microsoft fonts ( see links below).

Users of Russian versions of MS Windows already have such CP-1251 fonts activated (as well as users of PanEuropean Windows 95), that is, they have, say, "Arial (Cyrillic)", etc.

Users of the U.S. version of Windows NT 4.0/2000 also already have such CP-1251 fonts.
Just open Wordpad editor (Start/Programs/Accessories/Wordpad) and see Cyrillic variations of several NT 4.0/2000 fonts.

Users of the U.S. version of Windows 95/98/ME initially don't have these Cyrillic variations of standard Microsoft fonts.
To activate Cyrillic in such standard MS fonts, these users must install a free Microsoft software - "MS Multilanguage Support".
(In addition to the fonts, this installs Cyrillic keyboard files, too).

  • Windows russification, complete instructions (a little bit complex)
  • Windows russification Fonts, Software, Russian Keyboards, etc...
  • Cyrillic Support 2000 (soft+fonts) - $89, Описание
  • Keyboard Russification
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