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Cyrillic Support for win9x:

Windows 95/98/ME offers fonts and keyboard support for Cyrillic,
but it's available initially only in PanEuropean or national
versions (f.e. Russian Windows 95).

Therefore, in other versions of Windows 95/98/ME you need to activate
this feature by installing a MS package called
"Multilanguage Support":

  • Do not close this page, leave it open in your Web browser.

    Go to Control Panel:
    Start / Settings / Control Panel
  • double-click on an icon called "Add/Remove Programs"
  • click on a tab called "Windows Setup"
  • Inside the "Components" window go to a line called
    "Multilanguage Support".

    Click on a check box near it to select this feature
  • click on "Details" button in the "Description" pane at the bottom
  • click on a check box of a line "Cyrillic language support"
    to select it. Click on "OK".
  • Now you back to the "Windows Setup" window. Click on "OK" button
    to start the installation of Cyrillic support.
    The installation procedure is different for older and newer
    versions of Windows 95/98/ME:

    • Newer versions of Windows 95/98/ME have "Multilanguage Support"
      files already on your machine, so the installation starts

    • Older versions will pop-up an "Install from disk" dialog asking
      you to point to a folder or CD-ROM containing needed files:

      • if you have your Windows 95/98/ME CD-ROM, put it into the drive
        and point to it in the dialog window
      • if you don't have CD-ROM, you need to download needed MS files
        and only then continue the installation:

        • Leave this installation window open and switch back to
          your Web browser where you have this text
        • Download Microsoft's self-extracting archive Lang.exe
          by clicking on the underlined file name:

          Put this file into some temporary directory(folder).

          Lang.exe is a self-extracting archive, so use your Windows Explorer,
          go to the folder where you put this file and double-click on it.

          The files of "Multilanguage Support" will appear in this folder.

        • Go back to Control Panel. If you don't see the
          "Install from disk" dialog where you were
          before going to your browser, just double-click again
          on an icon "Add/Remove Programs" and you will be there.
        • Use a "Browse" button to point to a folder where you
          downloaded Lang.exe and have now the files of
          "Multilanguage Support" package.

          Then click "OK" and the installation starts.

    Now you have Cyrillic fonts on your system as well as Cyrillic keyboard files.

    Fonts are already active, so you can now read Cyrillic.

    If you also want to write in Cyrillic, then you need to activate
    Cyrillic keyboard files by performing the following steps

    1. Start / Settings / Control Panel
    2. In the CONTROL PANEL window - double-click on the icon KEYBOARD
    3. In the KEYBOARD window, select a tab "Languages"

    4. Click on ADD
    5. Find "Russian" in the list and then click on OK.
    6. You are back to the "Languages" window
      and layout "Russian" is below the layout "English".

      Make sure that you have option "Enable Indicator on Taskbar"
      checked (it's at the bottom of this window).

      It will allow you to see an indicator - EN/RU -
      at the right end of the Taskbar.

      As it is written in this window, you will use a combination of buttons
      to switch between Russian and English.

      Click on OK.
    7. Windows activates a Russian keyboard layout file -
      kbdru.kbd. This file is included
      into the 'MS Multilanguage Support' package that you've already installed.

    Now you can type in Russian!

    Try it in MS Word or
    in a Wordpad editor included in your Windows. Wordpad can be called via
    Start / Programs / Accesories / Wordpad

    Just switch your keyboard to a Russian mode by pressing LeftAlt+RightShift
    (you should see "RU" on Taskbar) and start typing -
    you will see Cyrillic letters on your screen.

    Note. Two things needed to type in Cyrillic -
    Cyrillic font and Cyrillic keyboard mode.

    When you switch your keyboard to "RU", Wordpad and Word will automatically
    select a Cyrillic font for you (more correct - use a Cyrillic
    part of a large Unicode font containing many languages),
    but in most other Windows appications you will need to select a font yourself.

  • Windows russification, complete instructions
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